Twilight Surfers

Unquestionable Eternity

Posted by in Dark

When dreams and pursuits, and efforts and attempts fail, fall and fade What now? How? When? Why? Do the thoughts of a second coming plague an already restless night? Passing between, through and past the lines, Of your defenses. Crashing, crushing and bowling over. Any chance of success with what’s now. Leaving guesswork in it’s stead. Can you feel blue, Or is your palette only red? Is what’s on your mind What’s really in my head? What now? It’s a furrowed brow, Wrinkling concern. Bubbling over, knowing want. Beseeching those…read more

Whirlwinds Away With You

Posted by in Light

Blowing like fall through a mountain valley, the wind is nevertheless silent. Stirring nothing but restless animals from their dark hide-aways, knowing it’s time to sleep, yet the bright nothingness prevents it. Slumber is a far-away thing, a concept and construct foreign to my thoughts. An invader that left heavy machinery when they took root, escaping defenses and burrowing deeper than I can yet reach. Time stands still on this perfect vista, this sand-scrubbed landscape. Seconds tick into not, minutes whirl and crash and hours disappear unproductive. Desire un-tempered, set…read more

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