Twilight Surfers

Dark Room

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Provide some light in a dark room. Stand up and make a stand in the gloom. Take a stance against what is wrong. Start now, you’ve already taken too long. It’s crumbling at our feet. No refuge on a dirty street. Perfume and linen. Cannot hope to rise. Things can only get worse I surmise. So form a testament and stick to your guns. Shine in goodness. When evil comes do not run. Stand firm in turmoil. And tower above it all. Or lose yourself in the depths. Begin to…read more



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I know what I should do. I feel it in my bones. My mind blinks it in neon thoughts. And pathways illuminated by candor. And although I try the narrow way. Always another voice reasons. Brimming with confidence. Self esteem and the assurance of averages. Occasional laspses hurt me. These thoughts, long hidden, Berate, belittle and embarrass. Truthfully I tell you, These things you should not know. But if I cannot speak, How can I grow?


Fresh Read

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I am so complicatedly simple, and like a book– open to read. Are you ready to turn the page? A fresh chapter in the story of us, or like a bookmark, worn and frayed? Or perhaps you don’t know, lost and afraid. Dear reader continue.

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