Twilight Surfers

Unquestionable Eternity

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When dreams and pursuits, and efforts and attempts fail, fall and fade What now? How? When? Why? Do the thoughts of a second coming plague an already restless night? Passing between, through and past the lines, Of your defenses. Crashing, crushing and bowling over. Any chance of success with what’s now. Leaving guesswork in it’s stead. Can you feel blue, Or is your palette only red? Is what’s on your mind What’s really in my head? What now? It’s a furrowed brow, Wrinkling concern. Bubbling over, knowing want. Beseeching those…read more

5 ’til 12

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It’s five until twelve, opening are the gates of hell. Only a squeak, but smoke spews forth! Demons run free, gibbering with glee. Free to roam and cause pain, Mischief and disdain. God’s not sleeping! His army is preparing, Stretching their limbs, eyes watchful and meandering. Are you ready to stand in these times? Times of evil? Holding your head up high, waiting for the one on high? Light and dark collide everyday. Are you understanding? Are you sleeping? Do you believe in more, Or are your eyes heavy-lidded, Ready…read more

Press Forward

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Press on for a time, He says. Move forward in Grace despite distress. Roll toward the promised time without urgency. But without complacency or regress. Now proved a point. Now moves you on. Now you choose.

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