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About our Mandela Effect Community

Twilight Surfers — Online since 99!

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Mandela Effect Community

The Twilight Surfers website is dedicated to discovering new, documenting, and conversing about the co-called, “Mandela Effect.” Our goal is to give a place on the web besides Reddit and YouTube to learn and talk about the Mandela effect, which many totally discount. Others insist that every misspelling or mis-remembrance is a confirmed Mandela effect. There are plenty of theories regarding the effect (ME for short,) and they really run the gamut. Theories to the cause range from Cern causing rips in the space time continuum, to time travel, to reality shifting. The community as a whole has plenty of ideas to explore. Perhaps one day the Mandela Effect will be explained, debunked or proven beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The domain, “” (This website’s domain name) has been online since 1999! It was originally registered to promote a novel. However the term, “Twilight Surfers” exists as a connotation of the belief that we as a whole are surfing through the universe in the twilight of our time. A true Golden Age seems to be dawning. Our personal belief is that the Mandela Effect is some type of awakening that is occurring to certain individuals. I don’t know why, or how, and hold no particular belief other than that. I am a Christian, Jesus Christ is my savior. I am far from perfect, and that’s why I need Jesus so bad! That being said, I am not a flat-earth believer, and also don’t reject empirical-based science. So yes, I have faith in God, and I am a logical-thinking person. One thing for sure is that I am experiencing the Mandela Effect. Many people are. Many do and don’t admit it, or don’t react to it. As I referred to above, many think that everything is an ME! Others seem to take an irrational stance against the Mandela effect. I believe that those persons probably simply react that way in fear because they don’t want to think about the fact that reality can change from what it is, should be, or always was. There are plenty of MEs that I disagree with wholeheartedly.

Mandela Effect Site Features

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