Twilight Surfers

Press Forward

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Press on for a time, He says. Move forward in Grace despite distress. Roll toward the promised time without urgency. But without complacency or regress. Now proved a point. Now moves you on. Now you choose.

Quiet Neighborhoods

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As I sat this morning, sipping my morning coffee, and enjoying my morning devotional, birds chirped and crickets sighed. The air was cool and the sun bright and the presence of God about me and my life was apparent. In my quiet neighborhood around this time every morning rain or shine… music to the “Star Spangled Banner” begins playing. It serves as a grateful backdrop to this small suburban life I lead. Just then, an older couple that had been strolling, taking in the gorgeous day the Lord has made…read more

Music Musings

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Music can bring you back or take you forward. Sound reverberates in your soul. Go to the light, move toward. Take you into darkness, blackness engorged. Choose which accompaniment that writes your story. Close your eyes, remembering. Or open them seeing far forward, wanting. Dark and daunting, light-filled and haunting. Music sing your soul’s song.

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