Twilight Surfers

Fresh Read

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I am so complicatedly simple, and like a book– open to read. Are you ready to turn the page? A fresh chapter in the story of us, or like a bookmark, worn and frayed? Or perhaps you don’t know, lost and afraid. Dear reader continue.

Twilight Surfers (Refrain)

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The canals in my mind turn to channels running deeper still, through underwater chapels and dissolving labels. Swimming beneath waves taking in the slack, blue water turns black, turns cyan then white– blanking perspective. On you, on me on our life under the sea.

Don’t Feed the Animals

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Digging a ditch with Dave Matthews, looking for a quiet place. Too soon the music is replaced by my thoughts to run, so I Sprint to replace times gone by while I search signs and Portents that once the stars will align, to remove the malign of existence in a special void. Lightless, formless, water with no spout, Sharing no shred of doubt. Attaining not disdaining, Finding Kind, Reliable Yes Safe True Always Lover

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