Gray the new black.
Except the sky never looked shabbier.
In a color that saps strength.

Makes days grow in length.

And depresses even the most foolhardy.
In their ever-optimistic daily outlook.

Gray rain,
And blue disdain.

Springing from the sky.

Shimmering with silver jewels only for a moment.
But never for you and I.

Darkening and cooling and abusing.
The clouds and their thunderheads.
Roaming like an ugly bruise.
On a prizefighter’s eye.

Angry at the world it would like to drown.
In a sea of despair.

Tumbling from above.

Days and days with nothing but torrent.
Get up, get out, in the car and floor it.
Driving away, running from this claustrophobic sky.
Months of this would end me.

Gray the new black.

How apt.

Black must feel envy.


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