Quiet Neighborhoods 2

As I sat this morning, sipping my morning coffee, and enjoying my morning devotional, birds chirped and crickets sighed. The air was cool and the sun bright and the presence of God about me and my life was apparent. In my quiet neighborhood around this time every morning rain or shine… music to the “Star Spangled Banner” begins playing. It serves as a grateful backdrop to this small suburban life I lead. Just then, an older couple that had been strolling, taking in the gorgeous day the Lord has made stopped, turned to my neighbors flag, the man removing his hat to cover his heart, and observed in silence, interrupted only by birdsong, a moment of respect for our country. It was a powerful moment of remembrance for me and if those of you who feel as I do, you know it points to a lacking in the culture. Lack of Love, lack of National pride, lack of common courtesy & decency and lack or respect for traditional things.

These things that were so ever-present while I grew are now fading fast. Enjoy your quiet moments in your quite neighborhoods.


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