My mind won’t stop thinking.
My time won’t stop sinking.
My eyes can’t stop blinking back the tears.
That shouldn’t flow.

But now you know.

Oh, Discordia.

I can hear in that raspy voice, my life’s check cashed,
Still I get an invoice.
Due and payable for the rest of my time.
Standing in line.

For my heart to fill with pride.
Knowing something good is set aside.

But this time I await never comes.
Yes it’s a bitter little pill.
Filled with venom, and not knowing.
Nothing ever flowing.
Just quite right.

I think I might…
I just wish I may…

Just hurry up you damn one more day.
Reach me in a sack covered with flack, collected by my shield.
My iron vest.
My unseeing gaze.

Unamazed, un-enthralled, uninstalled.
Vacant, unsmiling, and unfeeling.


I never want to feel like this again.
Never again Friend.

Writing a letter I cannot send.
A message in a bottle.
A message of estoppel.


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