Twilight Surfers

Twilight Surfers (Refrain)

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The canals in my mind turn to channels running deeper still, through underwater chapels and dissolving labels. Swimming beneath waves taking in the slack, blue water turns black, turns cyan then white– blanking perspective. On you, on me on our life under the sea.

Twilight Surfers

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Adrift on Oceania at night All of us. Sailing and surfing to destinations yet known. Have you learned? Have you grown? The starry lip of the galaxy expands to kiss us all. With the light of a billion years ago. Can we see? Can we know? How far we have come… Or how far we can go? What do you suppose? Or do we have no choice? Playing a prearranged hand, In a strange and wondrous land. Drifting lost on an endless plateau. I’d hate to have nothing to show….read more


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